Amplifyr’s is a digital marketing agency for musicians, managers and labels. We help artists build their fan bases online using ethical and innovative digital marketing strategies.

Want to know how it works?

For paid ad campaigns we charge a set up and management fee which is usually in the region of £350-500 ($440-630) depending on the scope of your campaign. The total costs will be determined by your budget for the ads themselves.

We can also help with social media strategy and content creation dependent on your needs and budget.

Hell yes!

As long as we believe that we can find and grow your fanbase, we’re not concerned about style or genre.

As standard, we create ad assets from content you’re creating (i.e. excerpts from music videos etc). But, if you want help with content creation, we are happy to discuss options.

We will invoice you for our fee at the beginning of the campaign. The ad spend will be paid out by you via your ad account (which we will help you set up if you need!)

If you’re selling enough music, merch or tickets to negotiate a % then, yes.

Easy! Just get in touch, send us your music via this form, be amazing*, and away we go!!!

*Refer to Q4 above