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See for yourself

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Tom Chapman
(Sea Fever)

Rich was an invaluable person to have onboard for our Sea Fever Marketing campaign for the release of our debut album “Folding Lines”. His vision and creativity was a fantastic help and driving force behind the campaign. He has a very broad understanding of the digital market and music industry in general. A great all round person to work with. TC

Scott Powell

The most important thing about anyone who works with you on a creative project is that they are as passionate about what you do as you are. Rich’s enthusiasm for what we do, coupled with a business head has made things progress in every aspect since we began working together. We are now a financially viable small business with a genuine sustainable future as a result of Rich’s support and mentoring. We value him and his services massively.

Ian Britt

Rich has been an invaluable aid to my career with all the time-consuming admin around being an independent artist, the crap that pulls you away from actually being a musician. There are a lot of cash grabbing chancers in this industry, but Rich is not one of them. I trust him completely, let him help build your infrastructure so you can get back to creating.

Iwan Gronow

Rich has been a massive help to me. Our time together has helped me continue to release music and build a following. Our aim at the start was to let me grow creatively and not have the task of the release admin and promotion side. Writing and recording takes up so much of my time and I didn’t want to get distracted from that. Working with Rich has made that happen.

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